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preparing you to answer

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
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what we do

We help you align your talents, values and passions to discover the right career fit for you


We work with you to develop your personalized business plan to help you navigate through the overwhelming possibilities.


We level the playing field by giving you the insiders view of the interview process dramatically improving your interview skills.  


We increase your professional success by decoding with clarity and meaning the  work environments challenges and opportunities.


We provide our clients with an individualized PROgram to  disambiguate the career search.  we EMPOWER THEM WITH THE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES TO gain an edge on the competition.

The Roadmap

We develop a comprehensive package that helps you identify your talents, passions,  drivers  to best align these with your future career.  The package starts by working with you to develop your personalized career business plan.  We help you identify the right internships/full time positions that will accelerate your career, gain an understanding of your prospective employer, and then prepare your resume.

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The interview process

We believe that the interview process starts the moment you develop your career plan.   Too many prospective candidates do not plan for the interview.  Our services begin with a review of the prospective position, the company, the market and your "fit" for the position.  We then work with you to prepare you for the position through a series of pre and post interview training.  Our interview training provides you with a window into the interviewers game plan.

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transitioning into your career

taking the next step.
Having a college degree does not mean that you are prepared for the work force.  A recent Washington Post article reports that while 57 percent of students said they were creative just 25 percent of employers agreed.  
We prepare you for the work force.  Failure to integrate into your employer's "culture" is the leading contributor why employees fail.  We assist you develop and mature your communication skills into appropriate messaging and goals.  How you communicate is as important and what you communicate.  We assist you to decode what is being asked of you and WHAT IS BEING said to you.